Extrusion Lamination

Victory blessings Indonesia provide a various types of extrusion lamination machine for packaging industries from Sumitomo Heavy Industries Modern, Ltd.

Single Extrerusion Coating Line; Max. line speed 200mpm‘ active]

The extrusion coating line can handle OPP, cellophance, PET, and other materials as the main base materials. We offer machines ranging from small-lot productions one to high-speed operation one to flexibility meet diverse requirement. This requirement uses a vertical type dryer and a sectional drive system so that it significantly improves line synchronization and tension adjustment.


Tandem Extrusion Coating Line; Max. line speed 200mpm‘]

The tandem extrusion coating line for flexible packaging can handle OPP, cellophance, Nylon, PET and other main base materials. This equipment uses two prime coaters and two auxiliary unwinders. This enhances the advantages of the tandem system, and maximizes the equipment capabilities.

Co-extrusion Coating Line; Max. line speed 150mpm‘]

The equipment laminates different types of resins with other base material by co-extrusion process to produce high quality products.

Co-extrusion lamination products offer the advantages of superior sealing high heat resistance and excellent strength. Such products are attracting the attention of different industries for greater applicability and added value. Sumitomo Heavy Industries Modern‘s co-extrusion coating line is designed to improve inadequate bonding strength, odor, and poor heat sealing problems.

Single extrusion coating line

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