Web Hi-Vision System SP-009

Web Hi-Vision System SP-009

Visual inspection (pattern, color, tone, pint) Under high-speed printing has a too quick speed, such as gravure printing, take the serious degree of skill to it. Web Hi-Vision SP-009 can supervise a pattern, a color tone, pint, etc., easily from an expert to a beginner. High-density CCD color camera, heigh precision RGB video memory, stroboscope light source, etc., are put together, and this is displayed on a monitor by using as a clear color still image film.

Product features

  • Clear image by high precision camera
  • Compact and light weight (6[kg]) camera box
  • Easy setting both automatic and manual synchronize
  • Complying with traverse Standard Type
  • x 10 Zoom Lens (Half-tone Dot can be monitored)
  • Touch Panel operation

Specifications and capacities

Applicable printing machine Gravure printing machine (Machine that can take Machine Synchronization)
Camera High Quality Color CCD 330 thousand pixels
Monitor 17 inch LCD Monitor
Web speed MAX.1,400rpm
Watch range Length: 0 to 360 degrees (Rotary encoder input)Side: Machine with (traverser installation)

Max.View: about 100 x 75 mm
Min.View: about 10 x 7.5 mm

Traverser speed Refer to configuration
Power source AC100V+/-10% 1φ 50/60 Hz 4 A
Application Environment Temperature: +10 to +40°C
Humidity: Less than 90%, no dewAtmosphere gas : Non

Powdered dust : Non