Automatic Cutter Alignment Equipmet Model CR-555M II

Product features

  • Easy-to-read waveform displaySignals from the scanning head can be shown on the 5.7-inch color liquid crystal display.

    Display of signals for one pitch is possible, making designation of the control gate position easier.

  • Operation is possible on the touch panelSettings are made on the same screen, after switching from the waveform setting screen.
  • It is possible to select from two settings to suit the installation location.It is possible to choose from the integral main unit/display type and the separately installed display type.

Specifications and capacities

Correction mechanism Compensator roller or differential controlRotary cutter control
Detection mechanism scanning head
Detection accuracy +/-0.01 mm
Range of fine adjustment +/-9.9 mm
Colors detected on pitch visually discernible practical colors
Warning set-up value variable between 0.1 mm and 9.9 mm
Power source AC100V/200V +/- 10% 1φ 50/60 Hz 1 kVA
Compatible environment Temperature: -10°C to +40°CHumidity: 20% to 80%RH (no condensation)


Main body of the equipment one unit
Scanning head one unit
Fiber cord one cord
Head relay box one unit
Pulse generator one unit
Options register motor, two-stage control, additional control