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The Advantages of Doctor Blade Swedev, Which are Popular in Indonesia

The Advantages of Doctor Blade Swedev, which are popular in Indonesia – For entrepreneurs and workers in the world of rotogravure and flexo printing, they must know the doctor blade, because this product is a very important part of the rotogravure and flexo machine printing processes. The wrong choice of this product can have a negative impact on the quality of your printing.

Advantages of Doctor Blade

Swedev is a Swedish company with many years of experience in the development and production of industrial specialist products. This company provides the market with printing doctor blades for flexographic and gravure printing machines.

Swedev offers steel and specialized know-how in achieving the highest possible quality, which meets your demands and expectations. The SWED/CUT® doctor blade is made of genuine Swedish steel and is the best available worldwide.

The company is located in Munkfors, central Sweden, where all production takes place. The company is part of Munkfors Industries AB, MIAB Group. The company has extensive experience and a high level of competence in steel production.

Production of doctor blades started in 1990. More than 98% of doctor blades are destined for export. The sales and distribution network has covered more than 85 countries around the world, one of which is Indonesia, namely PT. Victory Blessings Indonesia.

Swedev always provides high quality solutions for ALL requirements, whatever the printing problem

Swedev doctor blade uses high quality and reliable steel raw materials from Sweden, which is processed into Doctor Blade by carrying out integrated production from the sharpening process to the surface coating process.

Higher quality Doctor Blades are required for increased printing speed and precision, reducing friction and increasing blade life.

The comprehensive range of SWED/CUT® Doctor Blades includes all types of blades, from those made of plastic or composite materials to blades made of corrosion-free, high alloy steel which are then milled, in some cases surface coated and refined for various applications.

Swedev developed the industry’s first Ceramic Doctor Hi-blade with ceramic coating, and offers products at affordable prices in Indonesia, thereby contributing to the printing industry in Indonesia.

Swedcut’s proven technology based on materials, equipment, experience allows to provide highly functional and high performance products. Its unique management system has built a framework to deliver products quickly and stably.

This company has more than 50 years of experience in improving and developing its Doctor Blade products so that it is safe and durable to use in various printing companies such as; Rotogravure, flexographic, with various sheet sizes, packaging printing, label, paper and flexible packaging, as well as various coating and lamination jobs.

That was the information about The Advantages of Doctor Blade Swedev, Which are Popular in Indonesia, If you want to know more about this doctor blade please contact us PT. Victory Blessings Indonesia. Official distributor of swedev doctor blades in Indonesia.

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