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Isolasi Tahan Panas | Teflon Tape.

Isolasi Tahan Panas | Teflon Tape. – Workers in the printing world, especially food packaging printing, must be familiar with Teflon tape or better known in Indonesian as Isolasi tahan panas.

Teflon Tape is a type of insulation that is resistant to high temperatures, this insulation is commonly used in companies that involve high temperatures in the production process.

Teflon Tape or heat resistant insulation consists of woven fiberglass with PTFE ( Teflon) coating on it. Available in cloth and tape form, with or without adhesive.This material is a good insulator with an excellent non-stick surface.

Coupled with a one-sided adhesive, this material can be attached to any surface, acting as an insulator for the surface.

One example of application is in sealing machines: a heat-resistant insulator acts as a surface insulator, where heated metal will come into contact with the surface without sticking. General characteristics: Good insulator Non-stick surface coupled with one-sided adhesive, very easy to apply to any kind of material

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