Message From The CEO

The mission of the PT. Victory Blessings Indonesia is “to achieve prosperity and realize dreams through sound business activities.”

Our aim is to create a “virtuous cycle” whereby we pursue businesses that are truly beneficial to society, by applying what we have achived which in turn leads to offering new values and a better environment.

Greater economic globalization creates new issues, including environmental issues and increased regional disparity.
As a global corporation, Victory Blessings Indonesia recognizes the importance of these issues. We are actively engaged in many different countries and regions, working to resolve these issues using our Integrated Corporate Strength.

The environment surrounding us is constantly changing. We are turning these changes into opportunities, and these opportunities into continuous growth. As we grow, we are also committed to working toward the continued development of the world economy and the international community.

Our actions will prove our commitment.

President and CEO
Franky Moris H. Hutapea

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