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3 Hole Razor Blade

3 hole razor blade, or usually known as Three Hole Razor or in Indonesian known as 3 hole slitting knife. As the name implies, this blade has 3 holes in the middle and two sharp edges.

hole razor blade. industrial blade,

The 3 Razor Blades are created by combining an optimal level of innovation, promoting high wear materials. The result: a truly superior, durable, high-performance razor blade for use in the most demanding industrial applications.

The 3 Hole razor blade is the most commonly used Razor Slitting Blade in Europe and is also widely used in other parts of the world. This Razor Blade is available in Ceramic Coated, Solid Tungsten Carbide, and Solid Zirconia Ceramic.

hole razor blade. industrial blade,

Our manufacturers have years of experience in manufacturing 3 Hole razor Blades. Extremely consistent quality from one blade to the next ensures successful use of each set. Hard coating extends blade life. Suitable for industrial use for fast and secure on-site application

Our manufacture, has a recognized specialty in this area and offers a wide range of blades including EnduriumĀ® HSS slicer blades and XCD blades of SS blades for humid environments.

Slitting blades usually have a PVD coating, such as TiN or TiCN, to reduce friction and are available in a variety of thicknesses and materials to suit the film & foil being cut but also the length of cut required.

3 Hole Razor Blade can be used in various applications, such as cigarette packaging film slitting, PET, PP Plastic Film Slitting, laminated aluminum film Slitting, BOPP slitting frosted film, lithium battery film slitting, aluminum foil slitting, polyurethane slitting, adhesive slitting tape, slit film optics.

Our manufacturers have been appointed as exclusive distributors for the sale of products covered in Europe, UK, Australia and New Zealand, Near East, Middle East and South East Asia.

The Razor Blade that we sell has the following characteristics:

  1. Sharp as a razor
  2. Materials and coatings according to customer specifications
  3. Single-sided and double-sided blades available
  4. Sharp razor blade ensures fast and clean cuts;
  5. 100% made of real steel which contributes to long life;

Here’s a comparison of our Razor Balde with a typical carbon steel knife
Our razor blades have a long life, low friction gap solution for both short and long term, all single or dual head blades in all
popular razor design to cover all your film and foil manufacturing needs.

If you want to buy our product, please contact our sales. With pleasure we will help you. Reed olso industrial razor blade.

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