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Spiral/Magnetic Roll

Be made of aluminum alloy by extrusion rotation with whole bidirectional body eight corrugations, quality assurance, beautiful appearance, easy to clean, easily eliminating air bubbles, increasing ink flowing circulation, isolated impurities in ink tank completely prevented ink dried, to improve printing quality.

This ink stick haves good stirring performance, floating on the surface of ink. When roller rolling, the ink stick rotates opposite direction by the adsorption of rotation. The surface ink will turn around bringing along with the ripple. So it makes ink mixed equably to avoid the quality problem.

  1. Alumunium Ink Roll Standar
spiral,magnetic control

2. Aluminium Ink Roll with PTFE Rings

3. Aluminium Ink Roll with Rope

4. Aluminium Ink Roll With Teflon Layer

5. Ink Roller Carbon Fiber 45mm

6. Ink Roller Carbon Fiber 33mm

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