Taiyo Products

The 21st century has seen the rapid development of intelligent buildings that have been designed for the age of multi-media. In these buildings, power facilities and control panels are needed to support the use of electricity and the environment by providing advanced functions with a high level of quality.

The products Taiyo offer make a contribution to the future, with a superior quality assurance system based on ISO9001 certification.

Printing machine control equipment
1. Automatic Register Controller SKT-001
2. Touch Panel Automatic Register Controller SK-2090
3. Inspection System OFT Series
4. Inspection System GT-2000
5. Web High-Resolution Printed Pattern Monitoring Equipment Model HV-105M III
6. Web-Hi-Vision System Model SP-009
7. Automatic Cutter Alignment Equipmet Model CR-555M II
8. Stroboscope Model ST-MX

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