We sell high quality zipper plastic for flexible packaging. Our Zipper products that can be opened and closed again are suitable for various plastic packaging materials.

plastik zipper
plastik zipper, plastik klip zipper

Our zipper plastic is manufactured by Dalian Takebishi Packaging Industry Co., Ltd which has passed the accreditation of ISO9001: 2008 (Quality Management System), RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), HACCP (Food Safety Management System) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) simultaneously . This company specializes in producing plastic zipper

The advantages of our zipper product:

1. Available in PE, PP & Eva Bahan
2. Excellent sealability for a wide variety of films
3. Available in transparent color
4. Looks good and can be used many times
5. Easy to open from the outside, but tight on the inside which protects things well

There are 3 types of zipper plastic that we sell:


Zipper plastic


Zipper, plastik zipper


Zipper, plastik zipper, jual plastik zipper

If you need quality zipper plastic or want to know about this product, please contact us immediately.

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