FGN Series

FGN Rotogravure printing

FGN is printing press with an original design aiming at highest operation rate and reduction of wastage, which is long seller machine.

Model FGN for Film Specifications

Kind of web Plastic Film
Max. web width 1050, 1150, 1250mm
Max. machine speed 200m/min, 250m/min, 300m/min
Max. cylinder width 1100, 1200, 1300mm
Available cylinder diameter φ120~φ300mm
Max. unwinding & rewinding diameter φ600, φ800mm
Standard equipments Long stroke web chuckingConstant unwind tail length web SplicerInverter controlled turret arm rotation

Ink pan tilting device

Triple arm impression roller

Panel computer

Furnisher roller

V-shaped / Perforated nozzles of combination type air dryer

“LOSLES” winder

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