Pallet Plastik / Plastic Pallet

Plastic pallets are tools to withstand logistical loads of varying weight. Plastic Pallet is one type of pallet that is used as a logistic storage base with a load that is not too heavy, now PT Victory Blessings Inonesiaprovides plastic pallets at affordable prices and of course the best qual ity.

Maybe some of these questions can represent you, or do you need a weight-bearing tool? Where are the places that sell plastic pallets? Where are the places that sell them at affordable prices and the materials used are of the best quality? Why do you have to use plastic material?

Plastic Pallets
You are now on the right website or information for now, because we will provide the information you need right now, because we are provide equipment to withstand logistics loads in various shapes and models, one of which is quality plastic pallets.

Pallets usually use wood but wooden pallets are very vulnerable and have many shortcomings, one of which is being eaten by termites besides wooden pallets can also be brittle if exposed to water, therefore we provide a pallet made of plastic that can be a solution to your problem, because pallets made of plastic material are stronger and more durable than pallets made of wood, because plastic is not eaten by termites, and has no effect when exposed to water.

Advantages of Plastic Pallets

Has the highest standards for static and dynamic loads
Made of high density polyethylene and polypropylene
No water absorption
Not eaten by termites
Not moldy
It is very easy to clean and sterilize
Best consistency in moving, steering and accommodation
Environmentally friendly, because there is no need to cut trees because the pallets use wood

There are many more advantages in using pallets using plastic materials, apart from being environmentally friendly, these pallets are also more durable and durable than pallets made of wood, because wooden pallets have the disadvantage of being eaten by termites, and if exposed to water, the wood will be porous. .

Plastic pallets are a type of material handling product made of plastic which functions as a base in arranging and moving production products or loads to be lifted using a hand pallet, stacker or forklift. Plastic pallets are very suitable to be used to help operational performance in factories, warehouses, and other industries.

Types of Plastic Pallet Models

The plastic pallets above are various models of plastic pallets that we provide in PT Victory Blessings Indonesia and each of the above pallets has its own function, some can lift light loads, lift medium loads, and lift even the heaviest loads, so use pallets. This plastic is very effective in industrial and warehousing fields that require load-bearing equipment.

Compared to wooden pallets, these plastic pallets are very efficient and effective, besides being durable plastic pallets are also environmentally friendly, so there is no need to cut trees to make pallets made of wood, because plastic pallets can also be one of the prevention from illegal logging. .

If you are interested in using these plastic pallets as a substitute for the wooden pallets that you used to use, knowing that plastic pallets are more effective and more efficient to be used as a load bearing tool, besides that plastic pallets are also durable compared to pallets made of wood, we provide This plastic pallet uses quality materials, of course, you can directly contact our customer service to place an order for Plastic Pallets.

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