Inspection System GT-2000

Inspection System GT-2000

The Inspection System GT-2000 detect printing patterns while hight speed printing.
This system detect the printing defects by pattern matching method which stores reference image and actual image of color printing.


  • High Precision Detect

    RGB color data of printing are stored into hardware by 3 line color, high speed camera to be checked online inspection.

    RGB image processing are acheived simultaneously at exclusive inspection circuit even for small defect.

  • Clear Image Display

    Clear image of defect, full width image and magnified image can be displayed, and be renewed as well for visual inspection.

  • Easy Operation

    Operation screen have both simplified and detail operation and settings.

  • New developed hardware

    New developed 3 line color camera and its exclusive lenz can be stored clear image into the system.


Camera Pixels: 4096 [Pixels]

Drive Clock: 40 [MHz]

Max.No.of Camera: 3 [sets]

Light source Three wavelength Fluorescent Lamp

(High Frequency Light)

Inspection PCB Color Data: Total 24 [bit]

Inspection Circuit: Three Circuit

(Pattern Matching Method)

Display/Store Device OS: Windows®XP

Display: 15inch LCD touch screen

Printer: Color Ink Jet Printer

Counting Device Encoder: 5000 [Pulse]
Others Printing Speed: 300 [m/min]

Temperature/Humidity: +10 to 35°C/Less than 90% RH, without dew

Power Source: AC200 to 240 [V] ±10%

50/60 [Hz] 1KVA

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