Franky Moris H. Hutapea, CEO & President Director PT Victory Blessings Indonesia

PT. Victory Blessings Indonesia is an exclusive Agent, professional distributor and supplier of Converting Industries Machines, Tools and Equipment for Packaging Industries in Indonesia and was established in 2010.

We provides all the new technologies, tool, equipment and materials required by our customers so that they can get the best quality and innovative product that are cost effective and sustainable.

All our staff members are professional, hardworking, friendly and very reliable. They work closely with all customers and are always available to ensure that we provide the best sales and after sales service.

We know that every customer wants to receive the best quality products and we do our best to make sure that happens. Product quality is priority parameter for all our clients.

Our goal is to achieve a superior customer satisfaction through continuous improvements and innovations and we strive to ensure that all of the customers are very happy in working with PT. Victory Blessings Indonesia.

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