Grand Opening and 8th Anniversary of PT Victory Blessings Indonesia

Gedung Kantor PT Victory Blessings Indonesia

PT. Victory Blessings Indonesia, which was established on June 21, 2010, initially occupied a shop in the city of Delta Mas, Cikarang Pusat. After 8 years stood precisely on August 27, 2018, the company founded by Franky Hutapea officially occupied a new building in Jababeka V Industrial Estate, Cikarang Pusat.

The Grand Opening and the 8th Anniversary this year was attended by all the leaders and staff of PT. Victory Blessings Indonesia by inviting business partners from various countries, customers and managers of Jababeka Industrial area.

PT. Victory Blessings Indonesia has two divisions, namely the Spare Parts and Machinery Division and the Plastic Division (plastic pallets). This Spare Parts and Machinery Division is devoted to flexible packaging industries whose markets are for the domestic market throughout Indonesia.

Gedung Kantor PT Victory Blessings Indonesia

As a fast growing company, PT Victory established business partners with 15 – 20 companies from abroad, namely, Japan, England, Germany, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and China. While the customer is very large, for the Spare Parts and Machinery division, it has controlled around 60-70% of the market, while the plastic division, plastic pallet already has thousands of customers.

Along with the development of business and the need for a bigger place, both for office and warehouse, finally PT Victory Blessings Indonesia entered the Jababeka V Industrial Estate, which is one of the best choices because it is very close to the toll gate access, Jakarta-Cikampek.

There are 4 keys to success that advance PT Victory Blessings Indonesia, so that it becomes a fast growing company, namely:
1. Look for quality human resources.
2. Creating a good work system and a comfortable working atmosphere
3.Work smarter and harder work
4. Implement the core value of VB Group.
a. Integrity and honesty
b. Self improvement and personal excellence
c. Mutual respect and communication
d. Teamwork
e. Prayer and thanksgiving

In addition to these 4 key successes, PT Victory Blessings Indonesia also has a vision, mission and motto that keeps the number of business partners and customers growing every year.

In supporting the business in Spare Parts & Machinery and Plastic Division, PT Victory Blessings Indonesia has been equipped with a warehouse that is large enough to be able to load a stock of thousands of plastic pallet and spare parts, which are ready to be distributed to customers. Not only that, to support the delivery of PT VIctory’s goods is also equipped with adequate transportation so that it can schedule delivery every day.

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