Guide to Choosing the Best Pallet Distributor

Guide to Choosing the Best Pallet Distributor. Currently, there are so many pallet distributors, both wooden pallets and plastic pallets, on Indonesian pallet plastik. Advances in online marketing make it easier for all distributors to market pallets through websites and place markers. Then, which is the best distributor?

We certainly agree, that pallets are very important at this time in supporting our business, without pallets a lot of time will be wasted when loading goods. The distribution process and product arrangement in the warehouse are also constrained and ineffective.

Pallets currently in the field are sold in various types with different dimensions, designs, and materials, there are cardboard or paper pallets, wooden pallets, plastic pallets, metal pallets.

There are more and more pallet sellers or distributors, starting to sell through market places and also social media. How to choose the best pallet distributor.

Here are tips on how to choose the best pallet distributor.

1.Understand the pallet business
Knowing the business in terms of pallets is important before evaluating distributors in the market. This is so that you pay attention to the pallet design, pallet dimensions and pallet materials needed for your business. It is also for you to know the things that you will describe when you talk to distributors.

2.Research All Distributors
Research for all pallet distributors and distributors in the area. It is recommended to start at your location as you need pallets to be easily delivered to you when you need them.

Asking fellow businesses can be a way to find out about the various pallet manufacturers and what they have to offer. Online research may be able to answer some of your questions such as quotes, locations and types of pallets the manufacturer or distributor has.

For example, if you are in the Jababeka industrial area, Cikarang, there are several names of pallet distributors that are quite well known, such as Rajapallet, Primapallet, Mahkotapallet and Megumiplastics. The distributor is located around Cikarang.

3.Elimination of distributors
After researching the different distributors in the area, you need to cut out the distributors that you don’t think will give you what you need. Limit your list to only 2-4 pallet manufacturers or distributors so you can further evaluate which of them will give you the best offer.

4.Visits to Distributors
One by one, you should visit the distributors on the list so you can talk to them about your needs and get their quotes. If possible, ask for an actual pallet so you can see if it’s what you really need.

If necessary, ask for a sample pallet or arrange an appointment for a trial of their pallet directly at your factory or warehouse.

5.Choose One Distributor
Now it’s time to choose. Consider prices, the location of the pallet manufacturer, the types of pallet types and pallet types on offer and the likelihood that they offer used or recycled pallets. Don’t be easily tempted by very low pallet prices, pay attention to quality.

In your manufacturing and shipping business, it is also important to consider the ability of a pallet distributor to have a collection service. This will assist your business in collecting, repairing or disposing of your used pallets.

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