L5 series(Non-solvent laminator)


01.Rewinding technology, winding core lossless brush cutter system and uniform torque rewinding

This machine reduces wrinkles in the winding core and prevents winding tightness to achieve a beautiful wound product.

02.Using a near-roll device in combination to dramatically reduce rewinding loss

The amount of air for folding is reduced and the pass length is shortened to prevent misaligned winding and wrinkles.

03.Support for adhesives with a weak initial tack using the super tension device

The ultra-low tension control supporting up to 5 N prevents curling after laminating.

04.Stable coating achieved by the multi-step squeeze roll coating method

Each roll temperature is controlled to achieve stable adhesive temperatures and coating quality.

05.Better cleaning properties and preparation workability

All of the multi-step squeeze rolls can be opened up widely to make cleaning easier. Also, a sleeve type was used for the metering roll to reduce the work burden.


Standard specifications

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