Rajapallet, Warehouse Solutions and Indonesian Logistics

Rajapallet is a plastic pallet distributor company in Indonesia which has been supplying the needs of plastic pallet companies in Indonesia for years. Rajapallet has been established since 2012 and is now growing rapidly. If previously the pallet warehouse was still renting now, it already had its own warehouse that could load tens of thousands of pallets.

If you have long worked in logistics and warehousing, you certainly know Rajapallet, who has the name of PT, namely PT Victory Blessings Indonesia. For this year, Rajapallet has only 1, namely rajapallet, having its address at the industrial area of ​​jababeka 5.Rajapallet, Warehouse Solutions and Indonesian Logistics

The function of the pallet in general, pallet can be used as a storage and distribution of logistics by holding the load in a long enough time while facilitating the transfer of goods. In addition, the pallet can also be used for logistics shipments which weigh up to 4000-100,000kg. Pallet can be used in various industries such as agriculture, fisheries, and supermarkets also use pallet as a display pad. Moreover, the pallet also functions as an interior like a table.

Pallet has several types that are often used, namely wood pallet and also plastic pallet (pallet plastik). Unlike the Wooden Pallet, Plastic Pallet has a longer resistance, because Plastic Pallets cannot be eaten by pests such as termites. In addition, plastic pallet is also free from fungal parasites, and is waterproof so that good quality plastic pallets can be recommended for logistics storage in the long term.

Why should you choose Plastic Pallet?
In addition to having the advantage of function, plastic pallet has other advantages, which are various types of pallet in power, material, and shape. So the company can choose the plastic pallet that the warehouse needs.

Some specifications of Indonesian Safeway Plastic Pallet, namely
1. Has international standards
2. Using modern technology
3. Antifungal and termites
4. Sturdy and Durable
5. Easy to clean and sterilize
6. Easy for storage
7. High quality plastic material

Rajapallet provides quality and durable plastic pallet. With the selling price of competing plastic pallet. Rajapallet Present to provide the best solution for your logistics and warehouse. Do you need a pallet solution?

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