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Stretch Film

Stretch film is a thin plastic film that consists of several layers of elastic layers and has a strong adhesive power, used to bind and wrap neatly arranged items to facilitate transportation of shipments, protect the goods sent.

Stretch film also functions to bind the stack of products on a plastic pallet that is packaged so that its stability is maintained at the time of delivery or storage and reduces the effect of shifting when handling, shipping and distribution.

stretch film

Megumiplastcs sells stretch films with the thinnest thickness of 10 microns or 12 microns with strengths equal to 20 or 23 microns, this means that if you use our products you have:

  1. Save cost from 10% to 30% compared to using strech film with a thickness of 17 to 20 microns.
  2. Reduce the use of stretch plastic waste by up to 50% compared to a thickness of 17 to 20 microns.

Does anyone know or maybe have seen stretch films? Some might have seen it, some might have used it. But wait, if you ever use it to wrap food it’s not stretch film but plastic wrapping. So don’t get it wrong, between stretch film and wrapping plastic.

Stretch film or also called stretch wrap, plastic wrapping is a very flexible plastic film used for wrapping or wrapping industrial products. Its elastic nature makes this plastic bind tightly to the product it wraps without using glue.

Uses of Stretch Film
Stretch film This is often used to unite plastic pallet loads and can also be used to unite smaller items. This product is useful for protecting a product from water (rain) and dust, increasing the safety of the packaged product, and facilitating work in the loading and unloading process.

In addition, it can also be useful to tie a pile of packaged products so that stability is maintained at the time of delivery or storage and reduce the effect of shifting these products.

Most widely used by industries such as factories, courier services, and various types of industries that require product handling so as not to damage or fall. This stretch film has various sizes to accommodate the size of the products to be wrapped, some of them are 500 mm x 18 mic x 200 m with a thickness of 10 microns or 12 microns.

Typically, this product is a complement to the wrapping machine, both for wrapping large products or for small products. Some types of machines that use stretch film include hand roll / hand wrap and machine roll / machine wrap. Users usually look for cheap stretch film prices but have good quality.

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