Megumiplastics Center for Selling Strecth Film, Plastic Wrapping in Bekasi

For those of you who often use plastic wrapping or film streches, tapes, opp tapes, strapping bands, air bags for packaging needs, there is good news. In Bekasi, precisely in Cikarang Megumiplastics is present, which is the center for selling packaking products


Megumiplastics is a supplier of packaging industry needs at lower prices, with guaranteed quality and excellent service. Packaging products sold such as plastic wrapping / strecth films, opp tape, strapping bands, air bags.

The wholesale company domiciled in Bekasi Cikarang in serving customers prioritizes QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery) which is the main hope for manufacturers of the manufacturing industry. Thus, Megumiplatsics can support the COST REDUCTION Program for each customer.

Megumiplastics provides all industry supporting needs related to packaging for the process of packing industrial products for export and local goods shipping.

Megumiplastics supplies packaging materials and other industrial support materials, such as: Plastic Wrapping (Stretch Film), OPP Tape, Strapping Band at wholesale prices.

For those of you who frequently export goods overseas, shipping local goods with plastic pallets, this Megumiplastics product will complete the process of packing or packing your product.

OPP Tape: Will help you in product packaging with cardboard.
Plastic Wrapping (Stretch Film): Will help wrap your product that is placed on the pallet so that the product is protected from dust or dirt, friction during shipping also strengthens the position on the pallet during the loading process
Stapping band: Helps tighten the product with the pallet so that the product does not slip easily.

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