Plastic Pallet That Is Suitable for Your Industry

Plastic Pallet that is Suitable and Right for Your Industry. Initially wooden pallets are widely used for industrial needs, both for the product base and for shipping products to consumers.

The presence of plastic pallets turned out to provide a new color in the logistics industry, some products began to use plastic pallet stands as a base or for shipping. But there are still some who use wood pallets, then which pallets are suitable and right for your industry?

Not all product storage and loading activities use plastic pallets. For that, we need to recognize further the needs of your company’s pallet.

Plastic pallets are indeed designed for all industrial needs, for that reason, plastic pallets have various types and sizes. Plastic pallets offer significant advantages. But not every pallet is suitable for all types of use and loading.

Here are some types of plastic pallet applications that are suitable and right for your industry:

Export Products with Export plastic or cargo Pallet
For the needs of exporting goods abroad, use a plastic cargo pallet or export pallet, this pallet is very lightweight but sturdy. Not to mention matters of regulation, including those related to the use of pallets. By using an export palette, you make export products much easier. This pallet does not need to be treated for pests, which saves you significant costs.

Because this treatment is not required, you don’t need a maintenance certificate. The advantage is that you don’t run the risk of documents expiring if the export process is delayed unexpectedly. Export pallets are available in various models and as light, medium and heavy versions.

Hygienic pallets for the food & beverage industry
Plastic pallet is also very appropriate to be used for the food and beverage industry. With plastic pallets, you don’t need to be afraid of the risk of disturbances such as pests, bacteria, and fungus, because plastic pallets are more hygienic, when dirty they are easy to clean. Its smooth, non-porous body also makes this pallet not absorb cain or water, even odors.

Plastic pallet for Product Display
The body shape of the pallet is indeed very neat and smooth, so that in addition to being used for the distribution needs of goods from the warehouse to the show room or display room, the plastic pallet can also be a base for product display.

Plastic pallet for Chemical products
Plastic pallets are suitable and appropriate for chemical products. In the chemical industry for the transfer of drums with certain liquids, bagged goods, octabines, and so-called big bags, plastic pallets are needed that are sturdy, strong and do not absorb chemical swabs.

Those are some plastic pallet that is suitable and right for your industry. If you want to know more about the needs of plastic pallets in your industry, please contact us. We will provide the right solution for your pallet needs with your products. Source :

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